JESSE WATTERS: Tony Bobulinski left Democrats rattled

Fox News’ Jesse Watters unpacks Tony Bobulinski’s testimony in his opening monologue Wednesday on “Jesse Watters Primetime.”

JESSE WATTERS: Tony Bobulinski has been waiting for this moment for four years. He came out swinging in his opening statement, leaving the Democrats rattled.

An eyewitness with impeccable credentials, former naval officer, highly educated, multiple security clearances, legitimate businessman. Tony Bobulinski, the original whistleblower, was under oath for the first time in public. And he called the Biden family liars.


Bobulinski met with Joe Biden twice, confirmed he was “The Big Guy” who called the shots. Joe Biden was for sale. The family desperately needed cash. Hunter shook them down with his dad in the room, got the cash, and then cut Tony out.

Tony Bobulinski says he's 'disgusted' that Democratic rep 'scurried' out of hearing Video

It wasn’t just China. The Biden family was tangled up with the Russians. We know about the Russian billionaire who had dinner with Joe and Hunter, wired them millions and then left Biden off the sanctions list. But it was much bigger than that. The Biden family was brokering Russia-Chinese energy deals right under the FBI’s noses.

Tony B has troves of evidence linking the Biden clan to international criminal activity, and the FBI never conducted a follow-up interview after he went public four years ago. The Treasury Department flagged 150 suspicious activity reports. No action. Money was flowing from the red Chinese right to Joe Biden’s personal checking account.

You heard that right. Joe Biden’s own accountant testified under oath that there was no record that this was a loan repayment. It was a bribe from China. Hunter Biden was asked during his deposition, how many times did you pay for your father’s household expenses? Over 100. And Hunter Biden said, “I don’t know.” $24 million in foreign wires to the Bidens. $1.5 million missing in cash. At least two missing diamonds. And the investigation just started. And it’s being stonewalled at the highest levels. Democrats had a hard time facing the facts today.

This article was written by Fox News staff.

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