Jennifer Lopez casually mentions Ben Affleck as split rumors continue to swirl

The show must go on for Jennifer Lopez.

During an appearance on Monday’s episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!,” the “On the Floor” singer — who is currently promoting her new Netflix film, “Atlas” — ignored the recent split rumors and casually dropped husband Ben Affleck’s name.

Reminiscing on her first encounter with Barbra Streisand, Lopez said, “When I was in Hollywood, 20 or 30 years ago, I met her. I was like, ‘Oh my God, I love her.’ She was asking to look at my engagement ring at the time that Ben had given me years ago.”


Jennifer Lopez ignored rumors and briefly mentioned husband Ben Affleck’s name during an appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” (Gilbert Flores/WWD via Getty Images)

The 54-year-old recalled Streisand saying, “So, that’s a big diamond.”

Lopez said, “And I’m like, ‘Yes it is.'”

The appearance comes shortly after Lopez attended the “Atlas” movie premiere sans Affleck.

After 47 days of not being seen together, including Lopez’s big night at the Met Gala earlier this month, the couple attended an event on May 16 together to support their children. According to People magazine, Lopez and Affleck arrived separately, but were both wearing their wedding rings at the event.


A source close to Affleck told Fox News Digital, “People around Ben are being really tight-lipped about what’s going on in his personal life, but something definitely seems to be up. There were projects they were trying to figure out ways to work on together and recently those talks have stopped.”

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have recently been at the center of split rumors.  (Johnny Nunez/Getty Images)

Another source on Lopez’s side told Fox News Digital, “Jennifer and Ben were getting into fights before they got married over little, silly things.”

Throughout their love journey over the years, Lopez and Affleck — who originally broke up ahead of their 2003 wedding, but reconnected and got married in July 2022 — have battled many relationship woes.

In her 2024documentary”The Greatest Love Story Never Told,” Lopez was candid about calling off her engagement to the Oscar award-winning actor over 20 years ago.

“Ben and I, we broke up three days before our wedding,” Lopez revealed. “We just crumbled under the pressure. I think we all go along thinking like, ‘I’m doing OK. I’ve been through these things.’ If you’re like me, you just shake it off and put your best foot forward and just do your thing.”


Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez first met on the set of their film “Gigli.” (Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Affleck spoke further about learning to compromise.

“Getting back together, I said, ‘Listen, one of the things I don’t want is a relationship on social media,'” he said in the documentary. “And then I sort of realized it’s not a fair thing to ask. It’s sort of like you’re going to marry a boat captain, and you go, ‘Well, I don’t like the water.’ We’re just two people with kind of different approaches trying to learn to compromise.”

Last week, Lenna Marsak — a relationship coach and therapist — called on spectators to be “kind” after Lopez liked her post about unhealthy relationships.

The post, which was published March 19, states, “You cannot build a healthy relationship with someone who … lacks integrity and emotional safety … doesn’t respect your time/ doesn’t think it’s important to call/text back in a respectable time frame … lacks effective communication skills … doesn’t know who they are or what they want.”

“Please be kind to Jennifer Lopez because she’s a human being. I do not know if they’re getting divorced,” Marsak said in an Instagram Story video. “I hope not, but yeah, please.”

Fox News Digital’s Lori Bashian contributed to this post. 

Christina Dugan Ramirez is an entertainment writer for Fox News Digital. 

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