Indiana student receives patriotic surprise after high school bans Old Glory display: 'Hold your ground'

High school student Cameron Blasek received a patriotic paintjob free of charge for his pickup truck after East Central High School administrators in St. Leon, Indiana attempted to stop him from displaying the American flag earlier this month.

Blasek, 17, proudly displayed an American flag on his truck for most of his senior year, but Blasek said school administrators told him it broke school rules and needed to be removed.

Blasek, in an interview with Fox News Digital, said of his high school’s crackdown: “I was shocked. Didn’t really expect it.”FDNY BROTHERS WHO DIED ON 9/11 SAVING PEOPLE IN BOTH TOWERS HONORED AT ST. PATRICK’S DAY PARADE

“They had told me if you don’t remove this flag, you’re getting written up for insubordination. And I told them, hey, you know, there’s no rules or regulations saying I can’t, I read the [rules] off their handbook.”

After school administrators attempted to block 17-year-old Indiana high school senior Cameron Blasek from flying the American flag on his truck, local business GCI Digital sponsored a patriotic wrap on the vehicle free of charge. (Cameron Blasek)

Soon afterward, other students arrived at school flying American flags on their cars, and the news story went viral.

Cameron added, “I guess other students had heard about that and they showed up the next day with flags on the back of their vehicles.”AMERICAN VALUES: WHAT SMALL TOWN AMERICA IS SAYING ABOUT THE AMERICAN DREAM, ‘GETTING TOO HARD’GCI Digital, a business based out of nearby Cincinnati, heard about Cameron Blasek’s patriotic story and decided to spring into action.

The business gifted a brand-new custom American flag wrap to the high school senior, free of charge.

Patriotic high schooler's new American flag paint wrap driven off the lot for the first time. Video

TJ Bedacht, owner of the local business, shared in a statement with Fox News Digital, “We saw Cameron’s story and it resonated with us in a lot of ways. The truck was his grandfather’s and Cameron is a true American, interested in serving in the US Military.”Blasek is already a fan of his new red, white and blue addition.

“I love it. It’s only been one day at school so far, but, I think it’s great. I love driving around with the big flag all over the vehicle. I think it’s awesome.”

Part of GCI Digital’s custom paint wrap for 17-year-old Cameron Blasek features a quote from the Declaration of Independence. (GCI Digital)

Seventeen-year-old Blasek believes the American flag represents “a lot of things.”

“I think the American flag represents people who fought and served for this country and lost their lives. But I also think it represents a sense of unity in this country.”

“I think it’s something that everybody can agree on, no matter who you are or where you come from or what you look like. I think that’s something that can bring people together.”

Blasek believes that there is an important lesson to be learned from his experience.


“Stand for what you believe in. Hold your ground on any situation that you believe in.”

Principal Tom Black told Fox News Digital that the rule “was never about the U.S. flag and it was regarding all flags on vehicles.”

“This is due to potential safety issues with visibility and 500-600 teenage drivers leaving at the same time during dismissal, as well as concerns that flags that are not appropriate for school will be displayed.”


After consultation with the Superintendent, however, Black determined the school could allow the U.S. flag while still restricting other flags.

“We regret and are sorry for the confusion and are working diligently to clarify the issue with our community,” Black said.

Fox News Digital’s Jeffrey Clark contributed to this story.

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