Ilhan Omar daughter barred from campus housing, dining hall after anti-Israel protest suspension, she says

Rep. Ilhan Omar’s, D-Minn., daughter says she has nowhere to go and nothing to eat following her suspension from Barnard College after taking part in anti-Israel protests at Columbia University last week.

Isra Hirsi was among more than 100 people arrested and issued a summons for trespassing on Thursday after protests at Columbia University. Hours earlier, she said she had been suspended from Barnard College for “standing in solidarity with Palestinians facing a genocide.”

The 21-year-old has gone into more detail about the suspension. Along with not being able to go to classes, she said she has been evicted from campus housing and banned from using the dining hall with her meal plan.

“I was a little bit frantic, like, where am I going to sleep? Where am I gonna go? And also all of my s— is thrown in a random lot. It’s pretty horrible,” she told Teen Vogue. “I don’t know when I can go home, and I don’t know if I ever will be able to.”


Isra Hirsi departs 1 Police Plaza in Lower Manhattan on Thursday, April 18, 2024. Hirsi, the daughter of Rep. Ilhan Omar, was arrested during an anti-Israel protest at Columbia University earlier in the day. (Jennifer Mitchell for Fox News Digital)

The student said she reached out to campus administration, but did not hear back until 48 hours after her suspension was handed down, when she was told she could pick up a prepackaged bag of food.

Barnard College is one of four Columbia undergraduate schools that has an independent admissions process, curriculum and financial structure, as well as a separate administration, according to the New York Post. The college did not immediately respond to a Fox News Digital request for comment.


Isra Hirsi departs 1 Police Plaza in Lower Manhattan on Thursday, April 18, 2024. Hirsi, the daughter of Rep. Ilhan Omar, was arrested during an anti-Israel protest at Columbia University earlier today. (Jennifer Mitchell for Fox News Digital)

Dozens of anti-Israel activists began protesting at Columbia University on Wednesday morning, creating an encampment on the main lawn in protest of Israel’s war against Hamas. Protests continued into the overnight hours with calls for an intifada and the death of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Omar praised her daughter’s participation in the protests. Earlier in the week, she questioned Columbia administrators during a congressional hearing on Capitol Hill about anti-Israel activism on the Ivy League campus.

Students at Columbia University returned to the campus’ lawn area on Friday morning to continue their anti-Israel protest and say they will “hold this line” until their demands are met. (FNTV)

During the hearing, Omar sounded the alarm about what she called an “attack” with a “toxic chemical substance” at an anti-Israel protest at Columbia University. However, according to court documents, the substance was anon-toxic flatulence spraycalled “Liquid A–” and “Wet Farts.”

Fox News Digital has reached out to Omar’s office.

Entrance Gate, Barnard College in New York City. (Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Rep. Jamaal Bowman, D-N.Y., suggested Hirsi’s suspension was a reprisal for her mother’s questions.

“The day after @IlhanMN questioned Columbia leadership’s commitment to free academic expression, the school suspended her daughter?” Bowman posted online. “It’s clear what is happening here. Our educational institutions should not be in the business of political reprisals.”

Fox News’ Michael Dorgan and Louis Casiano, Alexis McAdams and Hannah Grossman contributed to this report.

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