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Ovarian cancer could be detected early with a new blood test, study finds

A new blood test could help diagnose cancer cases earlier.

Researchers from the University of Southern California (USC) developed a blood test to detect early onset ovarian cancer.

The test, called OvaPrint, is described as a “cell-free DNA methylation liquid biopsy for the risk assessment of high-grade serous ovarian cancer,” according to the report published in the journal Clinical Cancer Research.

“The prevalence of ovarian cancer in the population is one in 70,” he said. “The statistical outcomes need to not only show a sensitivity and specificity but, in a real-world population, an acceptable negative predictive value, in order to not miss any diagnosis of cancer.”

He added, “Nonetheless, it is interesting research and I look forward to future studies evaluating this test.”

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Angelica Stabile is a lifestyle writer for Fox News Digital.


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