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Ask a doc: ‘When should I worry about heart palpitations?’

Most of us have had that unsettling sensation when our heart seems to flutter or “skip” a beat — but when heart palpitations start happening more frequently, you may wonder if it’s something to get checked out.

Dr. Bradley Serwer, a cardiologist and chief medical officer at VitalSolution, a Cincinnati, Ohio-based company that offers cardiovascular and anesthesiology services to hospitals nationwide, noted that palpitations are very common and almost everyone experiences them at some time.

“Palpitations can occur at any time, but how and when we feel them or sense them varies,” he told Fox News Digital. 

“It’s important to differentiate between the innocent palpitations and those that could be potentially life-threatening.”

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Melissa Rudy is health editor and a member of the lifestyle team at Fox News Digital. 


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