GREG GUTFELD: Trump's loudest critics are successful people who sense their own insignificance

So, in Vegas over the weekend, Trump slammed electric mandates for boats after telling the crowd about a chat he had with a boat maker. I wonder, did he ask what would happen if the boat sank from its weight? And you’re in that boat and you have this tremendously powerful battery.

DONALD TRUMP: What would happen if the boat sank from its weight? And you’re in the boat and you have this tremendously powerful battery, and the battery is now underwater, and there’s a shark that’s approximately ten yards over there. By the way, a lot of shark attacks lately. You notice that?

Hold on. There’s a shark ten yards away from the boat. Do I get electrocuted?

DONALD TRUMP: So there’s a shark ten yards away from the boat. Ten yards over here. Do I get electrocuted if the boat is sinking, water goes over the battery, the boat is sinking. Do I stay on top of the boat and get electrocuted? Or do I jump over by the shark and not get electrocuted? Because I will tell you, he didn’t know the answer. He said, you know, nobody’s ever asked me that question.

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It is a great question. Electrocution or eaten by [a] shark? We should give death row inmates the choice. I like the way you guys think. Yeah, I bet Trump also said “I think it’s a good question.”

DONALD TRUMP: I said, I think it’s a good question. I think there’s a lot of electric current coming through that water. But you know what I’d do if there was a shark or you get electrocuted? I’ll take electrocution every single time. I’m not getting near the shark.


I don’t blame him, and I’m sure Biden agrees. Electrocution is how they restart his heart every day. Two zaps to the bolts in his neck. Speaking of Joe, he’s hemorrhaging voters like Jesse sheds follicles. Suddenly, it’s Trump who looks like he can unite the country. And this is scaring the crap out of the Dems. They’re melting down like Cher’s face in direct sunlight. Over the weekend, the LA Times had this headline “In Silicon Valley, more support for Trump is trickling in. Is it a big threat to Biden?” Well, consider that tickets to a recent Trump fundraiser reportedly went for $300 grand each, and the event was sold out. Apparently, Trump raised $12,000,000 in one night, the same amount I offered Taylor Swift to stop calling me. Now, the big tech money may still go Democrat, but cracks are starting to form and they’re deeper than the ones in Pelosi’s face.

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It’s no secret that the Black and Hispanic vote, mostly men, is shifting toward Trump. This, as smart national figures are now willing to come out publicly for Trump. For instance, rapper 50 Cent says he sees Black men “identifying” with Trump in the upcoming election because they got Rico charges. Which means Fani Willis’ bogus Rico prosecution of Trump may be the biggest backfire since Joe forgot his lactose pills after a pint of Häagen-Dazs. But don’t take it from me. Vegas odds have Trump the favorite to win and Joe as the favorite to star in The Walking Dead. Meanwhile, talking lizard James Carville had to gripe, “I thought that President Biden should not run for re-election.” He said this right before devouring a plate of sautéed worms. So if all the smart money and people are shifting to Trump, who are the holdouts, meaning the people in our public life who are well-informed enough to know better but still insist on backing a brain-dead Biden? I’ll tell you who. It’s the rich and famous, paralyzed by their own egos who look at Trump with envy.


Think about it. Imagine being Robert De Niro or Stephen King, or Howard Stern or Jimmy Kimmel, and you just got the memo that you aren’t the center of the universe, and that memo is on a Donald Trump letterhead. Instead of the working class being ignored, it’s these elitist bozos. It’s these powerful men, successful in their own right, that Trump makes them feel small. If you notice, Trump’s loudest critics are successful people who sense their own insignificance in this new world of Trump. They feel like I do when taking a picture with Tyrus. It’s also why has-beens like Liz Cheney, Michael Cohen and Anthony Scaramucci are obsessed with taking Trump down.

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They’re big players in this movie hoping that scene-stealing moment will come. But the most obvious example? The guy closest to Trump in temperament and personality– Howard Stern. As Trump elevated, Stern retreated, becoming a believer in the gospel of the six-foot distancing rule and used Covid to justify turning himself into Gloria Swanson, holed up in his 40,000 square foot mansion, dictating to everyone how stupid and murderous they were for not having what he had. And what does Stern have in common with Jimmy Kimmel? It’s the sense of demotion. They realize the world doesn’t revolve around them.

A crushing realization if your ego is everything. Right now, Trump’s more important than all of them combined, and it’s killing them. Meanwhile, the smart but ego-satisfied person, whether it’s Elon Musk or Vivek Ramaswamy or me, we don’t take it personally that Trump may be the most consequential human alive. Of course, just edging out Ryan Seacrest. But it’s because these people can think larger, who know this election, and in fact, this nation is about more than just them, which is why they’ve got their necks out for Trump and their middle fingers out to the media.

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Meanwhile, the egotists have become extras in the film of their lives, and those who they once considered the extras have taken starring roles. That is, the electorate. They can’t believe that the great unwashed are not listening to them, but instead this new leading man. And so they see Trump and they ask, why couldn’t that be me? It’s the one thing narcissists can’t stand— being ignored on the world stage.

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