GREG GUTFELD: Google searches buried anything that ran counter to their point of view, regardless of truth

Is it time to break Google’s hold, so the truth could be told? When you use the world’s most popular search engine, you probably assume you’re getting unbiased answers. That’s what made “Google it” a popular phrase, just like, “Just do it,” “think different.” And, “Mr. Gutfeld, these wrist restraints are chafing.” But it turns out when DEI takes over tech, the truth gets wrecked.

Last month, users discovered that Gemini, Google’s new AI tool, was almost totally incapable of rendering images of white people, essentially turning any image search into a Tyler Perry movie. No matter what instructions you gave the AI, it would create an image of a nonwhite person. Searches would return images of a black pope, vikings of color, and, of course, black Nazis.


As one former Google employee said, “It’s embarrassingly hard to get Google Gemini to acknowledge that white people exist.” Well, that’s the same feeling I get when I go to Red Lobster.

ANNOUNCER: A bigot would say!

Google cannot over-optimize with 'ideological filters': Digital consultant Kris Ruby Video

Back in the old days, we used to worry about AI building robots that look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Now, the only thing Terminators terminated is white people. Google execs claim it was an error. Yeah, and I fell on that candlestick. But now an ex-Google executive and some former engineers say it wasn’t a mistake, that the company prioritized AI over good business practices. Shaun Maguire, a former partner at Google Ventures, says, “Google Gemini’s failures revealed how broken Google’s culture is… It was a symptom of a larger cultural phenomenon that has been taking over the company for years.”

In other words, DEI blinded them to reality. So much so, they think pictures of black Nazis are a sign of progress. What’s next? Googling for pictures of 9/11 terrorists and getting this. Got to be a certain age to recognize. That equity demands everyone must be included in all things, including pushing genocide and, according to one ex-employee, DEI so integrated into Google engineers must outline the DEI impact for even the minorest software fixes. Think about that. Imagine being a plumber who, every time he has to unclog a toilet, has to write an essay on how this encourages representation of people of different genders, races, sexual orientations, and disabilities. Talk about a load of **** and it’s an opportunity cost.


Once DEI gets priority, the company’s business turns into managing the DEI and the product becomes its slave. Instead of improving their skewed research results, energies devoted to mountains of nonsense paperwork that justifies the existence of the DEI grift. True, DEI is a scam, but we have to look at Google more broadly.

Gutfeld: Google's AI images spark controversy Video

This week, a new study released by Media Research Center finds that Google has been interfering in elections for years, skewing search results against Republicans, promoting Democrats, and suppressing news critical of Biden. In other words, Google searches buried anything that ran counter to their point of view, regardless of truth. Google became no different than your average woke professor curating a left wing, anti-west perspective while getting high on the scent of its own farts.

So instead of helping people search for relevant information, they force their own version of the world onto us. This is why Google fired James Damore, who spoke out against the company’s ideological echo chamber. They preferred to keep their radical aims under lock and key. Just like I do with my dream journal of Kevin Sorbo. Because they knew the hell they’d get if you found out the one tool that you relied on so much was actually deceiving you.


You know, Google used to be good for finding stuff, but now they can’t find their way out of this mess. Because solving this huge problem would require making people accountable for their horrible decisions and lefties just hate to judge people, especially ones that look like they’re straight off a city college brochure. And one thing you never do is hand over the reins of accountability to the people who should also be held accountable, the bosses. Musk had a similar problem. Twitter had been taken over by political operatives who were only there to enforce ideological conformity. So Musk bought it and gave Twitter a company-wide enema.

'The Five': Google pumps brakes on 'politically correct, historically inaccurate' AI bot Video

Maybe that should happen to Google, get a few billionaires to join forces, buy Google, not for the sake of the company, but for the sake of the world. In the meantime, maybe Google should do some soul searching, but I wouldn’t use Google to do it. All you’ll get is pictures of feet.

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