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What’s happening?

– Republican introduces motion to vacate the Speaker after House passes spending bill

– Another Republican resigns House seat

– Democrat blames the GOP for border crisis

House clears $1,200,000,000,000 spending bill

The House of Representatives narrowly passed a $1.2 trillion federal spending package along bipartisan lines on Friday, taking a step closer to averting a partial government shutdown at midnight.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (left) filed a motion Friday to oust House Speaker Mike Johnson (right). (Getty Images)

The legislation was expedited onto the House floor via suspension of the rules, which bypasses procedural hurdles in exchange for raising the threshold for passage from a simple majority to two-thirds. It passed by a 286 to 134 vote.

More Republicans voted against the bill than for it – 112 GOP lawmakers opposed the bill and 106 voted for it. Just 22 Democrats voted against it. Many Republicans objected to having just a day to read the 1,000 page bill — passed under suspension of a rule that requires 72 hours between a bill’s introduction and vote. And Democratic earmarks for things like organizations handing out chest binders to transgender kids raised alarms.

After the bill passed, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green, R-Ga., introduced a motion to vacate the Speaker and oust Rep. Mike Johnson, telling reporters on Friday that he “betrayed” the “confidence” of the House GOP Conference by ushering through a bipartisan $1.2 trillion federal funding bill to avoid a partial government shutdown.

The Senate will consider the bill next.

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