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‘Wheel of Fortune’ fans furious after season premiere gets pushed in favor of football: ‘Shame!’

Last night’s season premiere of “Wheel of Fortune” left fans spinning – and not in a fun way.

The first show of the season, which will be the last season for longtime host Pat Sajak, was not available for all viewers, as the pregame show for Monday Night football caused scheduling issues in some areas. For some fans, the show aired Tuesday morning in the wee hours, and for others, the show was not available to watch at all.

One person took to X, formerly Twitter, to ask their local network, “Where the hell is tonight’s #WheelOfFortune?? I love football, but it’s the premiere episode of Pat’s last season & my inner boomer is not happy i can’t watch it right now!!”

“Another year!” he announced while walking onto the set with Vanna White. When she noted it was their 41st year of hosting the show together, he joked, “But who’s counting?

Emily Trainham is an entertainment editor for Fox News Digital.


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