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Selma Blair’s MS battle hindered her Hollywood success: ‘I couldn’t earn money’

Five years ago, actress Selma Blair was finally given some “relief” when doctors confirmed that she had multiple sclerosis, after decades of going undiagnosed with severe pain. 

Blair has maintained her celebrity, but she admits that her career was ultimately stunted due to her condition, which significantly worsened after giving birth to her son, Arthur, in 2011.

“The MS flared very obviously, when I was in labor,” she shared in a new interview with Glamour. “My body started going through distress as bodies can, and, of course, I didn’t know I had it. And so the moment Arthur was born, I went from this kind of blissful pregnancy to utter devastation.” 

“I just have to think, ‘What can I do,’ so this can happen less to other people,” she says, adding that it’s “a personal point of necessity to stand up for other people when I wouldn’t stand up for myself.”

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