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HomedepartedRobin Williams' drug addiction made him 'a monster': Friends recall depth of...

Robin Williams’ drug addiction made him ‘a monster’: Friends recall depth of actor’s cocaine use

Robin Williams’ sudden death shocked the world in 2014, and now his friends and colleagues are giving an inside look into the years before he died by suicide.

The depth of Williams’ drug use was highlighted in Vice’s “The Dark Side of Comedy” documentary series. The comedian’s episode marked the premiere of the show’s second season. 

Williams began his career in stand-up comedy in the 1970s and elevated his fame after appearing in an episode of “Happy Days” as an alien named Mork. The role led to his own TV series, “Mork and Mindy.” The comedian also landed a role in the film world with “Popeye.”

Williams’ friends noted that while he loved being around people, he also “cherished” his alone time, and they began to see him struggle with his level of fame.


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