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Princess Eugenie says ‘terrifyingly ugly’ paparazzi photos of her leave royal family fans surprised

Princess Eugenie is no stranger to the public eye.

Having been in the spotlight since birth as the daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah, Duchess of York, Eugenie has made countless appearances, and she’s had even more photos taken of her. Now, she’s revealing that some of those photos have had strangers approaching her to tell her that she looks “much better” in person.

While appearing on the “White Wine Question Time” podcast, hosted by Kate Thornton, Eugenie admitted that some photos that have been taken of her and sister Princess Beatrice over the years may not have been the most flattering.

Royal family followers can also see plenty of snaps of Beatrice and Fergie, as well as a number of pictures of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip. Eugenie is also fond of sharing a throwback family photo, much to the delight of her fans.

Emily Trainham is an entertainment editor for Fox News Digital.


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