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Marvel’s Chris Evans ditched Los Angeles for his mental health

After wrapping production on Marvel Cinematic Universe’s “Avengers: Endgame,” where he portrayed the beloved Captain America, actor Chris Evans also reached an endgame in his relationship with Los Angeles. 

The actor said he links Los Angeles to “Pavlovian anxiety” and, therefore, sought refuge and settled in New England, where he was raised.

It “takes me back to a place when life was not just simpler – that’s too reductive – but to a time where I was more pure, I guess; where my ego and my insecurities weren’t such a dominant force that I had to push against,” he told GQ Magazine.

When it comes to revisiting his time in the MCU, Evans is not as clear.

“Yeah maybe,” he says. “I’ll never say never, just because it was such a wonderful experience. But I’m also very precious with it. It’s something that I am very proud of. And like I said, sometimes I can’t believe it even happened. And I wouldn’t want the black eye if it felt like a cash grab or if it didn’t live up to expectations or if it just felt like it wasn’t connected to that original thing….So, no time soon.”

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