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‘Married at First Sight’ star Jamie Otis reveals her thoughts on show’s lack of same-sex couples in America

“Married at First Sight” star Jamie Otis is sharing her thoughts on the questions surrounding why the television show’s U.S. version lacks same-sex couples in an interview with Fox News.

The hit Lifetime series is perhaps one of the most unconventional dating shows of them all, as cast members agree to get legally married upon meeting for the first time. They are then given a number of weeks to figure out whether or not they want to pull the plug or stay together. Back in 2014, Otis tied the knot to her now-husband of six years, Doug Hehner.

The series, which also has an Australian version, reportedly introduced its first same-sex couple in 2016 but fans have long questioned why there hasn’t been a more varied cast of couples in terms of sexual orientation.

Asked if there’s anything she wouldn’t ever want to be filmed, Otis responded: “Sex.”

Aside from taping and juggling two little ones with Hehner, Otis has also been busy in her partnership with Align, a probiotic brand that just launched a baby probiotic for colic relief. Otis said she’s thankful to be able to “spread the message to mamas who are panicking in the middle of the night.”

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