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Kim Kardashian’s latex nightmare, Miley Cyrus’ on-stage disaster among Hollywood’s worst wardrobe malfunctions

Stars often take fashion risks – but sometimes their style choices lead to unfortunate wardrobe malfunctions.  

Kim Kardashian ripped her pants before going on stage to discuss her private equity firm, SKYY Partners, and detailed the mishap on a recent episode of “The Kardashians,” while Miley Cyrus lost her top as she was co-hosting a New Year’s Eve special with Pete Davidson.

Here is a look at a few stars who have suffered disastrous wardrobe malfunctions, and what they have said about them. 

Later in the evening, Seyfried joined the cast of “The Dropout” on stage when the show won for best limited series, however this time she was wearing a black jacket, seemingly to hide the worsened condition of the dress.

Lori Bashian is an entertainment production assistant for Fox News Digital. 


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