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Katharine McPhee and David Foster raising their son not to be an ‘a-hole’

Katharine McPhee says that while she and her husband, David Foster, have different approaches to raising their 2-year-old son, they both want him to be “nice, polite” and basically not an “a-hole.” 

“We both have strong boundaries, we just have different ways of approaching the boundaries,” McPhee told US Weekly in an interview Monday. “I would say I’m more like that newer generation of gentle parenting and sort of explaining and having a bit more patience in like a, you know, just a new way than what I think the older generation was taught to parent.” 

The “It’s Not Christmas Without You” singer, 39, married the “After the Love Has Gone” songwriter, 73, in 2019, and McPhee gave birth to their son Rennie in February 2021. Foster also has five grown daughters from previous relationships. 

“When I have a different approach — [I] get him to be more like my approach,” she laughed, “without like wanting to take away from how he wants to parent.” 

The couple have since returned to touring and are set to release the second part of their holiday album later this year.


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