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Jenny McCarthy believes Suzanne Somers ‘shattered’ Hollywood stereotypes: ‘An irreplaceable national treasure’

In the days following beloved actress Suzanne Somers’ death, many of her peers have shared their profound sadness, acknowledging the tremendous impact she had on the world and throughout Hollywood.

Jenny McCarthy, who once played the late star’s TV daughter, is no different, telling Fox News Digital that Somers’ impact is engrained in her forever.

“Suzanne instilled in me the powerful lesson that stereotypes are meant to be shattered. In Hollywood, she burst onto the scene as an endearing, drop-dead-gorgeous comedic actress of our era. She fearlessly embraced her goofy side and took on the formidable titans of Hollywood and Big Pharma with unwavering courage,” McCarthy shared. 

To this day, McCarthy recognizes the sacrifice Somers made as a woman advocating for herself. “I remain profoundly saddened by the decision made by ‘Three’s Company’ to part ways with one of the most iconic characters in television history, all in the name of ‘setting an example’ for demanding equal pay. This incident occurred back in 1980, but regrettably, such injustices persist to this day. Suzanne ultimately emerged victorious, achieving success in every subsequent decade. Her unwavering determination and resolute stance served as a beacon, lighting the path for others willing to risk it all to claim the recognition and compensation they rightfully deserve,” she told Fox News Digital.

“Typically, when one encounters a bombshell in Hollywood, adoration isn’t the first thought that comes to mind. It’s easy to feel a touch of envy when faced with someone who appears as divine as a goddess, and there’s no denying that Suzanne exuded an otherworldly allure,” McCarthy continued in her praise for the late star. “However, she shattered the stereotype, proving that beauty could coexist with humor, charm, and a deeply endearing personality.”

Fox News Digital’s Larry Fink contributed to this report.

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