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Brittany Aldean, her kids sport anti-Joe Biden clothing on social media

Brittany Aldean got political once again on social media by sporting some anti-President Joe Biden clothing on herself and her two kids. 

The wife of country singer Jason Aldean is often very outspoken politically on social media. In the past, she has been highly critical of Democrats as well as the Biden administration, most recently regarding the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan. 

However, she took her political messaging a step further on Saturday when she shared a series of images in which she posed next to her husband while wearing a shirt that reads “Anti Biden Social Club.” Jason, meanwhile, was not wearing any politically charged clothing in the snap. Other photos she shared in the post showed her kids, Memphis, 3, and Navy, 2, wearing shirts that read “Hidin’ from Biden.” 


Brittany Aldean got political on social media once again.

Brittany Aldean got political on social media once again.
(Matt Winkelmeyer/ACMA2019/Getty Images for ACM)

Aldean then promoted the maker of the clothing line, which is sold at a website called DaddyT45, an obvious reference to former President Donald Trump. The clothing brand boasts several pro-Trump and anti-Biden pieces of clothing as well as an entire line dedicated to those who want to show that they are unvaccinated against the coronavirus

This isn’t the first time that Brittany has shared her disdain for President Biden. She previously caught backlash around the time of the 2020 election when Trump was erroneously questioning the results. At the time, she took to Instagram to sport a sweatshirt reading “… STILL MY PRESIDENT,” prompting backlash from those on the left who believed she was promoting misinformation about the results. 

She followed that up with a note explaining that the backlash on her page led many to privately message her their support for Trump. She elaborated on that further in a social media Q&A in which she noted that her political social media presence gets a lot of public backlash, but she’s spurred on by the private messages of support she gets from people too afraid to profess their right-leaning beliefs publicly. 

“I personally don’t give a damn if people don’t agree with me. I think it’s important now more than ever to stand for what you believe, even if it ‘goes against the grain.’ Do your research, and form your own opinion – speak out if you wish. But most importantly, don’t bully people who feel differently than you,” she shared at the time.


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