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David Copperfield plans to make moon disappear in epic stunt 30 years in making

David Copperfield is taking his powers of illusion to the stars.

In an interview with “Today,” the magician announced the plans for his latest stunt.

“I’m going to make the moon disappear,” he said.

“It’s taken 30 years of work, that’s literally 30 years of our lives to develop it,” he said. “And there’s multiple methods to make it work, and I’m collaborating with Save the Children, an amazing organization to show the world the difference one person can make.”

Flying onstage

David Copperfield performing a levitation trick with a female assistant

David Copperfield performs a classic version of the levitation trick in the 1980s. He would later wow audiences with an updated version in his 1992 special. (Jim Russell / Toronto Star via Getty Images)

For his 1992 special, “The Magic of David Copperfield XIV: F·L·Y·I·N·G – Live The Dream,” Copperfield wanted to live out the dream of many by floating above the stage.

“I think the flying illusion changed magic in many ways because it really became an aspirational thing. You don’t wake up in the morning and want to make an elephant disappear … but flying people do dream about,” he told GQ.

He was also determined to prove he wasn’t using wires and magnets, passing hoops over his body to show that he is indeed floating gracefully above the stage.

Copperfield noted that the illusion has been in his stage show for 20 years since its debut.


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