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Beverly Hill plastic surgeon says striking actors using downtime to get new faces

During the strike, actors have found themselves with a lot of downtime. In addition to picketing, another popular option, according to Dr. Ben Talei, is getting a cosmetic refresh.

The Beverly Hills-based plastic surgeon, who was recently praised by “Chandelier” singer Sia for giving her an “amazing” facelift, explained the mini plastic-surgery boom he has seen in his office.

“Before the strike, as rumors were kind of going around that a strike was going to start… I began getting consults and I started getting lots of text messages from friends and friends of friends in Hollywood,” Talei told Fox News Digital. “And they all just wanted to come in to maybe see what’s possible and what recovery time would be for various things if they were to do that.” 

“AI is going to be kind of helping with the consultation process and booking procedures and things like that,” he said. “We don’t know how else we are going to be using it.” 

He has seen some fellow medical professionals use the technology outside the clinical setting.

“A bunch of doctors are using it to help them write blogs,” Talei said, or using it to help “them with writing research articles,” and speeches.

He added, “A lot of the doctors who aren’t good at public speaking, they have AI help write their talk for them.” 


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