Companies agree to $2M payout in Atlantic oil dumping case

Two shipping companies agreed to pay $2 million in penalties after pleading guilty to federal charges related to the dumping of oil in the Atlantic Ocean by a ship bound for New Orleans last year.


The companies — Prive Overseas Marine LLC and the related Prive Shipping Denizcilik Ticaret — pleaded guilty Tuesday to charges including conspiracy and obstruction of justice related to false information entered into the oil record log book of the tanker PS Dream. Court records state that the companies are owned by the same holding company.

Two companies have agreed to pay $2 million in penalties for dumping oil from a New Orleans-bound ship.  (Fox News)

Court documents said crew members pumped oil-contaminated waste into federal waters while on the way to New Orleans from Malaysia in January 2023. Evidence included information from two whistleblowers who were aboard the ship, and video showing oil being pumped overboard.

The ship’s master is facing separate charges in a related case.

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