10 budget-friendly gifts to put in your kids' Easter baskets

After the long holiday season, the last thing most parents want to do is spend hundreds of dollars on an Easter basket. We’ve got a list to make the holiday a little more affordable. Most of our gift ideas are under $10 and can help you fill multiple baskets.

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Be Amazing! Toys Egg-Cellent Experiment $9.58

Gift the fun of science experiments with this kit.  (Amazon)

To make sure your kids aren’t just stuffing their faces with candy all day on Easter, gift them this Egg-Cellent Experiment kit. Each egg in the science kit comes with an experiment inside. You can buy the experiment on Amazon or Walmart.

6 Pack Butter Slime Easter Eggs with Easter Charms $5.99

Have fun with every color slime.  (Amazon)

What kid doesn’t love slime? This six-pack of Easter-themed slime comes in six different eggs, all different colors and includes a charm kids can mix into the slime. Get a 24-pack of Easter egg slime on sale at Walmart.

Easter Egg Tootsie Pops 9oz. $7.50

Give the gift of Tootsie Pops this Easter.  (Amazon)

Kids appreciate some candy at Easter, so get your money’s worth with an entire bag of egg-shaped Tootsie Pops. The flavors include orange, cherry, grape, raspberry and chocolate. Both Amazon and Walmart offer big bags of Easter Egg Tootsie Pops.

8 Pcs Filled Easter Eggs with Plush Bunny $16.99

Kids that love stuffed animals will appreciate these mini-stuffed rabbits.  (Amazon)

For stuffed animal lovers, put these eight giant eggs filled with mini stuffed rabbits in their basket. Or divide the haul between multiple kids’ baskets. Walmart also offers mini eggs with felt rabbits to add to your Easter egg hunt this year.

Brach’s Classic Jelly Beans $6.07

Jelly beans are delicious, affordable Easter treats.  (Amazon)

A big ‘ole bag of jelly beans is a classic Easter candy for a reason, they’re delicious and affordable. This bag offers 30 oz of different flavored jelly beans. For more affordable options, you can also visit Walmart.

HERSHEY’S Milk Chocolate Eggs $7.99

Hershey’s chocolate eggs are the gift everyone loves.  (Amazon)

Hershey’s milk chocolate eggs are perfect for filling the bottom of any Easter basket. This 16 oz bag has plenty of egg-shaped chocolates for everyone in the whole family. Buy your Hershey’s Easter eggs on Amazon or Walmart.

LEGO Sunflowers Building Kit $14.99, now $11.99

To welcome spring, give sunflower LEGOs as an Easter gift.  (Amazon)

For kids that love LEGOs, gift this spring-themed sunflower building kit for Easter. Once built, the sunflowers can be displayed in a vase just like real flowers. Find sunflower LEGOs and more on LEGOs site.

Cevioce Sensory Slug Fidget Toys $7.99, now $6.99

Help your kids de-stress with this fidget slug.  (Amazon)

Sensory toys are fun for kids of all ages. This sensory slug fidget toy comes in a bunch of different colors and can be customized to each kid in the family. This toy not only relieves stress but builds hand strength for younger kids. Walmart offers four-packs of slug fidget toys.

Pinkiwine 4 Pack Colorful Easter Fidget Sensory Pop Toys $6.99

Get four pop toys for the price of one.  (Amazon)

Pop toys are popular stress relievers for kids (and adults) and are just fun to play with. This four-pack offers mini, Easter-themed pop toys in fun tie-dyed colors. The toys are made from environmentally friendly silicone, making them safe for kids of all ages. Get mini pop toys at Walmart.

Kannove Easter Mini Bubbles Wands $9.89

Add some fun to your Easter egg hunt with bubble sticks.  (Amazon)

Easter means finally getting outside for an Easter egg hunt, and to add even more excitement to that, bubble wands are the perfect addition! With this pack of Easter-themed bubble wands, you get 20 wands you can stuff on the sides of all your kids’ baskets. Get Peeps-themed bubble wands through Walmart.

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