Biden voters' more dismissive view of family shows accelerating 'erosion' by left, conservative group says

A new report finding President Biden’s supporters view marriage and family as less important to society than Trump supporters do signifies the left’s “erosion” of the family unit, an advocacy group argues.

“The general trend was not surprising. But the degree of disparity between the two, I will admit, was surprising,” Timothy Head, Executive Director of conservative political advocacy group, the Faith and Freedom Coalition, told Fox News Digital. “And I think that among other things, we’re seeing a sustained prioritization by more conservative voters and families. But we’re seeing a very pronounced erosion by left-leaning individuals across the country.”

“I think that we’re seeing that acceleration happening, it looks like almost in real time right now,” Head continued.

Released this month, Pew Research Center’s “Cultural Issues and the 2024 Election” report asked 8,709 adults about a variety of cultural issues, including their views on marriage and family.


Trump supporters were three times more likely than Biden supporters to say society is better off if people prioritize marriage and having children, a new Pew survey found. (iStock)

Trump supporters were three times more likely than Biden supporters to say society is better off if people prioritize marriage and having children, according to the survey. While 59% of Trump supporters agreed with this statement, just 19% of President Biden’s supporters said the same.

The two groups also differed in the report on whether the nation’s declining birth rate was a good or bad thing for society.

Trump supporters were more than twice as likely (47%) than Biden voters (23%) to view this trend as bad for society.

Head said the survey’s findings also reflect how younger voters, who tend to lean Democratic, often prioritize careers and other passions over getting married and starting a family.

However, he added that the survey also reflects how more liberal voters rely on government programs for assistance rather than looking to family for support.


Liberal voters tend to rely on government for assistance over looking to family, the conservative nonprofit said. (Photo by Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images)

“This is not unique to this era. But a lot of younger voters tend to focus more on career and, maybe in certain cases, even on political activism and getting contacts, whereas older voters also tend to focus more on family-related issues. But I think this is just kind of another illustration, another bearing out that the right really not only prioritizes family more, but also looks to family more often, whether it be in kind of positive, affirming ways or also whenever there’s a problem, whenever there’s some kind of life crisis, where their first kind of reflex is to look for family,” he offered.

“And I think that more and more left-leaning voters, their first reflex or response is to immediately look to a government program to help them in a financial crisis, a health crisis a relationship crisis, etc. So I think we’re just seeing these kind of things bear out, more and more regularly. And it looks like even in a more pronounced or more divergent ways, right now in America,” he added.


According to Fox News’ first Power Rankings Issues Tracker for the 2024 election, Trump leads Biden on immigration (Trump +18), the economy (Trump +15), foreign policy (Trump +7) and crime/guns (Trump +7).

Voters prefer Biden on abortion (Biden +12), preserving democracy and election integrity (Biden +7) and health care (Biden +7).

Fox News’ Rémy Numa contributed to this report.

Kristine Parks is an associate editor for Fox News Digital. Read more.

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