Biden becoming increasingly frustrated and worried over re-election efforts: report

President Bidenis reportedly becoming increasingly frustrated and worried over his re-election efforts.

Biden began to “shout and swear” in a January meeting when informed that his poll numbers had dipped in the battleground states of Michigan and Georgia over his handling of the Israel-Hamas war, a lawmaker familiar with the situation told NBC News.

Biden’s alleged outburst came as he has long believed he is not getting the credit he deserves in several areas, the outlet noted. Privately, he regularly pushes aides about what parts of his accomplishments he should highlight in different states, another source told the publication.

The report also noted how he is surrounded by “protective aides who want to minimize the chances of a flub,” something he has dealt with in recent months as he has made several blunders that have called into question his mental acuity.


President Biden is reportedly becoming increasingly frustrated with his re-election efforts. (AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes)

“The man’s been successful for decades in Congress and became vice president and president,” a source toldNBC News. “If you try to change the person, you’re making a mistake. Let the president go out there and do his thing.”

Biden’s frustration follows other Democrats fretting over his age and energy. According topast reports, he has consistently held several closed-door meetings with his top donors to alleviate their anxieties about the 2024 election.

Biden’s attempts to suppress their anxieties have allegedly occurred since the launch of his re-election campaign last spring. The meetings took place at the White House and included at least six sessions, each consisting of between four and eight people. They covered various issues, such as how to handle former President Trump.

Individuals familiar with the matter told the Washington Post in January thatBiden’s ageand energy were also among their concerns.

“It just gives him some seasoning. That is good. It gives him energy, which is very good,” they said. “And these people who are wondering if he has lost a step, they leave and are like, ‘That was great.'”


Past reports have said President Biden has privately met with donors to ease their concerns, including over his age. (Screenshot/Biden speech)

The worries of his top supporters aligned with those of other prominent Democrats, includingHillary Clinton, who has said Biden’s age is an issue and people have a right to consider it.

Clinton made the comments last May during a Financial Times panel after the moderator referenced an incident when Biden almost tumbled down a flight of stairs.

“There was that heart-stopping moment when he almost fell over coming down the stairs a day or two ago,” the outlet’s editor said. “He didn’t use a railing, and Jill wasn’t there with him.”

“Every time that happens, your heart is in your mouth because these things could be consequential. Is that a concern?” he asked.

“It’s a concern for anyone,” Clinton responded. “We’ve had presidents who had fallen before who were a lot younger, and people didn’t go into heart palpitations.”

“But his age is an issue, and people have every right to consider it,” Clinton added. “But, you know, he has this great saying – and I think he’s right – don’t judge him for running against the Almighty but against the alternative. I am of the camp that I think he’s determined to run; he has a good record that, three years ago, people would not have predicted would have gotten done.”

David Axelrod, a former adviser to President Obama, alsoraised concernsabout Biden’s age among voters in November.

Several Democrats have expressed worry over President Biden’s age. (Jim Lo Scalzo/EPA/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

“I have no concerns about polls a year out. I mean, you have to look at them and analyze them and adjust,” Axelrod said. “But I was in a situation as a strategist for Barack Obama in 2011 where we were facing some difficult polls.”

“The one number in the polling that was concerning, and in the CNN poll that followed after The New York Times poll, had to do with age, and that is one thing you can’t reverse no matter how effective Joe Biden is behind the scenes,” he added. “In front of the camera, what he’s projecting is causing people concerns, and that is worrisome.”

The White House did not respond to Fox News Digital’s request for comment.

Joe Schoffstall is a politics producer/reporter for Fox News Digital. Story tips can be sent to [email protected] and on Twitter: @joeschoffstall

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