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North Carolina fisherman finds stolen BMW in lake

It was the catch of the day, but not dinner.

A North Carolina fisherman spotted something odd and very large on his sonar as he was cruising along Lake Wylie outside Charlotte last month and reported it to the local police.

A further investigation by the York County Sheriff’s Office determined there was a car sitting 20 feet down and about 50 feet from the shoreline in the Allison Creek section of the lake.

On Thursday, the department’s dive team assisted in a multi-departmental operation to recover the vehicle, which turned out to be a BMW 5-Series that was reported stolen from Charlotte in 2017.


Giant float bags were used to bring the sedan to the surface from where it was towed onto the Ebenezer boat ramp.

A York County Sheriff’s Office spokesman told Fox News Autos its unusual for them to find cars that far out in the lake.

Gary Gastelu is’s Automotive Editor covering the car industry and racing. Follow @foxnewsautos


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