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Electric Chevrolet Silverado to feature four-wheel steering tech that Ford F-150 Lightning doesn’t have

Chevrolet is hoping its electric Silverado will run rings around the competition, by being able to drive in smaller circles.

The automaker has revealed that the upcoming pickup will be available with a four-wheel-steering system that will significantly reduce its turning radius in low speed situations by turning the rear wheels in the opposite direction as the front ones.


The feature’s inclusion isn’t that big of a surprise, as the Silverado will share GM’s Ultium electric platform with the GMC Hummer EV that’s set to go on sale this year with four-wheel-steer.

The Hummer’s version is also engineered to turn the rear wheels up to 10 degrees in the same direction as the front wheels to allow the vehicle to drive diagonally in what GMC calls CrabWalk Mode, which it says is useful in some tight urban and off-road situations.

The Chevrolet video didn’t indicate that the Silverado will have this ability and a spokeswoman told Fox News Autos that “we’re only talking about Four-wheel Steer today.” A release date for the truck has not been confirmed.

An accompanying video only shows the lower part of the truck, which has differently-shaped wheel openings than the current Silverado and has been promised to be offered in a model that can go over 400 miles per charge.

As far as the Silverado’s competition is concerned, Elon Musk said that the recently-delayed Tesla Cybertruck would have four-wheel steering, while the Ford F-150 Lightning scheduled to go on sale next spring is not equipped with the technology.

Gary Gastelu is’s Automotive Editor covering the car industry and racing. Follow @foxnewsautos


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